Creative Dance Association

Dance Centre Address:    5135 Sperling Avenue     Burnaby, B.C.

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Are you creative?  Do you like to dance?

The Creative Dance Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the enjoyment of dance to young people.               

Modern Dance        Ages 6 - 18           4 different levels depending on ability and experience 

Modern 1 is for beginning level dancers. Class will focus on the concepts of dance (space, time, energy), technique (turns,

leaps, combinations), introduce a variety of dance styles (Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre, etc.) and choreography skills. 

Modern 2 is for dancers with more experience.  The class will have a strong focus on technique (turns, leaps, combinations)  exploring the concepts of dance (space, time, energy) in a variety of dance styles (Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre, etc.) and choreography skill.

Modern 3   will have a strong technique focus and incorporating the skills learned in different dance styles (Modern, Musical,

Theatre, Jazz, etc.).  Dancers will also work on developing choreography techniques incorporating the skills learned in class.

Tuesdays starting Sept. 18         program runs Sept. to June           

cost- Modern 1 & 2 - $375.00.   Modern 3 - $400.00  (payable in installments) - fees include classes, performance fees, costumes and year end shirt

For information or registration, please contact Chris LePage (Artistic Director) at 604-818-4318

or mail in the form below.


Registration Form

Name:  _________________________________________________________      Birthday:  ______________________________________________                                                    

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Home Phone #:  _________________________________________________       Cell #:  ________________________________________________                                                      

Dance programs are filled with physical activity and in spite of the Creative Dance Association’s (C.D.A.) ongoing efforts of adequate & safe supervision it is possible for accidents or injuries to occur.  I expect the C.D.A. to treat my child in a kind and responsible manner, but I realize mishaps can happen, and knowing this I release C.D.A. from any and all liabilities unless caused by direct negligence of C.D.A. staff.  I hereby give my permission for the staff of the Creative Dance Association to provide first aid treatment of injuries and when the situation requires same, to authorize emergency treatment of an injury to or illness to my child if qualified medical personnel consider treatment necessary.  This authorization is intended to be effective only if I am not present and cannot be reached in a timely way.


Signature of Parent : ____________________________________________________         Date:   __________________________________             

Family Doctor: _________________________________________________________         Phone:  __________________________________                      

Personal Care Card Number:  __________________________________                                       

Emergency Contact:  __________________________________________________            Phone: __________________________________                      

Please list any medical conditions we should be aware of                                                              



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ___   Please do not include our name and phone number on the contact phone list given to dancers and parents.       

Registration Form

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