A Word About

Fund Raising!


Creative Dance Association is a non profit organization committed to providing dance opportunities for young people. In order to keep the cost of classes down the company undertakes a number of fundraising ventures throughout the year. These fundraising ventures help create the sense of community which comes from working together as a group to benefit all dancers. The fundraisers for the year are decided at the September annual general meeting. All dance parents are invited to attend. There is basically two fundraiser a year. Examples of fund raisers in the past include: clothing recycling drives, car washes, chocolate sales, meat sales , tag days, pub night, scrapbooking, and raffles. It is hoped that all dancers and parents will participate in these fundraisers.  Money raised is used to help offset costs of studio rental, instructors and to buy costumes.


Clothing Drive


Scrapbooking Party at

Remember Me Scrapbooking

in Coquitlam


Tag Day