Dance Classes


25 years of dance in our community!


Are you creative? Do you like to dance?

The Creative Dance Association is for you!

Studio:  5135 Sperling Ave.,  Burnaby


Artistic Directors   Chris LePage & Dawn Howey


In September we are offering classes in:

Modern Dance     - ages 6 - 18   

Modern 1 is for beginning level dancers.  Focus of the class will be on the concepts of dance (space, time, energy, etc.) and technique (turns, leaps, combinations). Class will introduce a variety of dance styles & choreography skills.

Modern 2 is a class for  dancers with more experience.  The class will have a strong focus on technique (turns, leaps, combinations) and will continue exploring the concepts introduced in Modern 1

Modern 3  will have a strong technique focus. Each class will begin with 30 minutes of work on a specific technique or skill and then will incorporate the techniques in different dance styles (Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre, etc.).  The last part will be for the dancers to work on choreography incorporating skills learned in class.

Modern 4 will be similar in structure to Modern 3 but at a more advanced level.

For information or registration call  604-818-4318

Other dance sessions that may be offered depending on registration numbers. 10 week sessions

Art/Dance Ages 3 to 6        

Art/Dance combines art & dance into one lesson. Each week we explore a new concept through both art techniques & dance styles. (i.e. Dance concept - Relationship - over & under, Art - weaving) Classes include warm-up, exploration, skill development and choreography.

Beginning Jazz & Hip Hop Ages 8 to 12
This energetic class introduces dancers to jazz (syncopation and improvisation) and hip hop dance moves (isolations, popping, etc.)

Creative Choreography Ages 6 to 10

This lively dance class includes creative dance concepts (space, time & energy, etc.), dance techniques (plies, tendu, chasse, etc.) different dance styles and choreography.

Advanced Jazz Ages 12 - 18

For experienced dancers who wish to focus on jazz technique, combinations and routines.

Adult Dance
For adults in keeping active and learning dance techniques. No experience necessary.